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As power system experts, Bainbridge Technologies know how important it is to keep your caravan set-up running smoothly. Before you head off on your next trip, consider the following tips to make hitting the road a breeze.

battery monitor


Knowledge is power when it comes to your caravan’s power and dual battery setup. Having advBMV 712 Smart 1anced insight into the state of your batteries is going to be extremely useful when on the road. The newest battery monitor from Victron – the BMV712 will allow you to monitor the state of your battery on a single screen, giving you an overview of:

  • State of charge display – shows the % of charge you have remaining in your battery
  • Time to go indicator – shows you how much time you have left before your battery is flat
  • Ampere-hours consumed – how many amp hours you have used
  • Discharge current display – how much current is being discharged in real time
  • Charge current display – how much current is being charged in real time


Check the health of your batteries to ensure they will last you the distance. Keeping your batteries in a healthy condition before and after you return from your trip is essential. When your caravan isn’t in use, it is equally important to correctly charge them to prolong the life of your batteries.

Unused fully charged lead-acid batteries should sit on a reading between 12.7-12.9 volts for a couple of weeks before needing any further recharge. Investing in a quality battery charger that is suited to your setup is important.

TIP: 10% RULE Select a battery charger that is equal to at least 10% of your battery capacity. For example, a 100Ah battery would require a 10-15A charger, whereas a 150Ah battery would require 15-20A.

battery monitor


PROBLEM: We own so many power hungry devices, and the need to keep them charged on a daily basis can be a struggle when you lack enough 12v outlets. 

SOLUTION: Additional 12V outlets! Available in a variety of combinations and colours, there’s a Baintech socket to suit your needs. Having additional sockets will allow you to charge all your devices via either USB or Ciga socket. No more fights over who’s gets the charger beside the bed!


Imagine being stuck out in the middle of nowhere with a flat battery. Invest in an emergency jump starter and you’ll have peace of mind if something happens to go wrong. The new Baintech Jump Starter will fit in your glovebox, act as jumpstarter, emergency torch and powerbank for your devices.

battery monitor


With the growing popularity of free-camping, we know you want peace of mind of ample power when going off mains. With an integrated off grid setup, you’ll have confidence to stay off grid for longer.

A quality DC-DC setup is going to charge up your batteries fast while you are on the move and allow you to utilise solar when you’ve reached your destination. The CTEK D250SA will automatically select the best DC energy source – such as the alternator or solar, switching between them for maximum efficiency.

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