A New Level of Efficient Charging

With 11 different battery curves pre-programmed, it doesn’t matter what type of batteries you use to power your boat, the Sterling Pro Charge Ultra from Bainbridge Technologies is capable of delivering a new level of efficiency when it comes to keeping them up and running. With increased efficiency when compared to a typical non-power-factor corrected unit (around 65% efficiency), the Sterling Power Pro Charge Ultra is boosted to a massive 90% efficiency, which equates to more charge for less input. Strong enough to power up to three different battery banks, the Pro Charge Ultra features an easy to read 32-LED panel with two digital meters for monitoring both current and voltage, as well as a power meter that will clearly display your remaining amount of available power.

Bainbridge Technologies understands that space and weight are always at a premium on board. That’s why the Pro Charge Ultra has been designed as a compact, lightweight and stylish charger that can be located almost anywhere on your boat. Special attention was also given to the materials used in the manufacture of this dynamic device. Since it was developed for marine use, all metallic components are made from non-ferrous alloys for their high conductive/ non-magnetic properties and natural resistance to corrosion.

The charger’s massive input range of 80–270V (40–70Hz) also means it’s extremely accommodating when dealing with mains power from marinas or generators where connections can be dodgy and levels inconsistent. A splashproof IP42 rating and an automatic shut-off in the event of processor failure combine to show that safety is the premium concern.

The Pro Charge Ultra can also be operated via a handy remote control and is protected against high-voltage by a leading-edge digital microprocessor. An emergency back-up analogue is controlled by a high-voltage trip and the unit can be set to stand-by mode to increase battery life. It’s remarkable how much peace of mind Bainbridge Technologies has been able to fit inside this one compact device. One simple installation means never having to worry about your boat’s batteries going flat again, which means you can go back to concentrating on what matters most out there on the water – having the time of your life

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