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When it comes to 12V power options for your 4WD, everyone's needs are different.

For instance, the needs of a single bloke who's hitting the beach for a weekend of fishing are far different to those of a family of four who are on a six week trip to the Kimberley. There is such a wide variety of 12V power options available these days, so finding a setup to suit your specific needs is easily achievable.

If hitting the tracks on the weekend is your thing, you may not need a dual battery system. Portable battery boxes are the perfect choice for day trips or weekends, thanks to their versatility and the ease with which they can be used.

When it comes to long distance touring on the other hand, having a long-term power solution is essential. Some people run little more than a fridge in their 4WDs, while others run a whole range of appliances such as TVs, laptops and phones. Either way, you need a constant source of power, and that's where a dual battery system is a necessity.

The back of your 4WD can be a lot of different things. It's a tool box, a kitchen, the place where you plug in and start playing your favourite music the minute you get to camp. You can do a lot of living out of the rear of your 4WD but the more time you spend back there, the more power you're going to require to keep appliances like your fridge running and devices like your camera fully charged. Pre-wired socket and switch panels provide you with a range of multiple sockets, and different style sockets, and combine them into one convenient power system.

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