12V Tech Talk: Sockets and Outlets

It used to be that when you’d head away on a camping trip you’d take a swag, an esky and a torch. These days, especially if you’re taking the family, things have changed. We camp in luxury taking loads of 12v devices, from phones that need charging via USB to 12v fridges and if you’re really keen you can even purchase a 12v pie warmer or vacuum cleaner! So, how can you keep life easy and prevent the hassle of juggling all these electronic devices?

Thankfully, as the needs of 4WDers have changed, so have the products available on the market and the emergence of 12v power panels helps to make life easy. Bainbridge Technologies produce a range of power panels that are specifically designed to offer a variety of power outlets to cater to your needs. You can choose a combination that includes Ciga sockets, Merit sockets, Engel and/or USB sockets. Some panels even have a volt meter so you can monitor your power usage. Our panels are also manufactured to suit just about any 4WD out there, with versions specific to the GU Patrol and Toyota LandCruiser.

Safety is also a consideration when you’re talking about 12V power. Quality sockets will help prevent shorting and fires. My recommendation when it comes to a power panel for your 4WD is to look for a product that is robust, safe and built for quality – this will ensure it can handle everything that you put your 4WD through.

There are a lot of options out there and you won’t have a problem finding a panel option that suits your unique needs.

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