12V Tech Talk: Inverters explained

With modern camping being so much more than just a swag, an esky and a torch, the ability to run 240V appliances from home can add even more luxury to your campsite.Inverters allow you to run 240V electrical appliances away from home and even in remote locations by converting the stored direct current (DC) power from your 4WD’s battery into alternating power (AC) which is the kind you get from your power points at home.

There are two types of inverters available: modified sine wave and pure sine wave. It’s important to know the difference between the two so you can protect your electronic gear.

A modified sine wave inverter, such as the Sinergex PureWatt range is a very affordable, all-purpose option which converts DC power to AC power in a square or stepped wave form. The design of the technology used in modified sine wave inverters is relatively simple, which makes it an affordable way to produce AC power. Modified sine wave inverters are perfect for running any power tools you may run out in the bush, or other electronic devices that don’t contain complex electronics.

Pure sine wave inverters, such as the Sinergex PureSine range use more sophisticated technology to protect even the most sensitive electronics and convert DC power to AC power in a smooth wave form which is both clean and efficient. This type of inverter produces AC power that is free from power spikes and is actually of a better quality than the power which comes from the power points in your house! That means that pure sine wave inverters are perfect for running any devices that include sensitive electronics, such as LCD or plasma TVs, laptops or even digital microwaves, which are all becoming more common sights at camps these days.

Which inverter should you choose? As a general rule of thumb, the experts at Bainbridge Technologies recommend you invest in a pure sine wave inverter if you’ll be using it regularly and using it to power a range of appliances. A pure sine wave inverter will give peace of mind that your valuable electronic assets will perform as you want them to and won’t be damaged.

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