12V Tech Talk: Switch Panel Installations

Powering different devices when you’re away in the fourby can be a challenge. Switch panels offer a solution. Allowing easy access to power fridges, lights and navigation devices. But, where’s the best place to install them?


From the dash to the rear drawers or the headboard on the ute, Bainbridge Technologies’ experts are constantly asked for advice on the best place to install switch panels in a fourby. So, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you enjoy the good times on your next adventure.


Installing panels on the dashboard gives you a few advantages. It’s easy to install because the panel is close to the engine bay. You can access the panel to charge devices like your GPS or iPhone when you’re on the road and it will be protected from the environment. On the downside, some new vehicles don’t have a great deal of room on the dash for installation. We recommend the Baintech Universal Power Panel for the dash because it allows you to power-up multiple devices and manage your power use (with an LCD backlit volt meter).

Rear draws

Installing switch panels in your rear draws is really convenient when you’re set up at camp, giving you easy access via the rear door. A switch panel in the back of your car allows you to plug in your fridge, pumps and other 12v devices you need. However, while mounting panels in the rear is easy, you do need a much longer cable. For a rear mounted panel, our experts recommend the Baintech DC Distribution Panel. It can charge multiple12v devices through a combination of sockets and switches.

Head board on the ute

In a ute, space is premium. Installing a switch panel on the head board saves precious room. It’s a great place to plug in the lights and the fridge but can be exposed to the elements. For a ute with a canopy we recommend a Baintech mounted DC Distribution Panel. It includes a volt meter, 1 merit socket and 2 ciga sockets and 4 on/off switches so you can control each socket individually and a fourth switch to choose your preference.

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