12V Tech Talk: A healthy dose of power

At Bainbridge Technologies, we take battery care seriously. We even recommend you test and service your battery as part of your regular vehicle maintenance, because we want you to enjoy the good times when you’re away. Being stuck with a flat battery off the beaten track is no fun. It wastes time, money and it’s dangerous.

To make sure you don’t get stranded, and hit with battery replacement costs it’s a good idea to check the health of all your batteries.

Whether it’s your everyday vehicle, the auxiliary battery in your fourby or the battery in your caravan or camper trailer, looking after batteries increases their reliability and lifespan.You can maximise the performance of your batteries by analysing their health and conducting regular battery maintenance.

Analyse your battery

If your deep cycle batteries fall below 50% charge on a regular basis, they will have a shorter lifespan.

By using a battery analyser, you can receive a report on your battery condition “at a glance” and act to improve the health of your battery. Most battery analysers will tell you when your battery needs a charge and are easy to use. The CTEK Battery Analyser is an example of one that anybody can use. You just attach the device to a battery, and one of the four onscreen results will tell you if your battery is good, needs charging, needs charging and retesting, or replacing.

Look after your battery health.

Just like checking the oil and water in your vehicles, your batteries need maintenance. The technology packed into today’s vehicles such as DVD players, satellite navigation and reversing cameras all put extra strain on your batteries, so it pays to invest in a state-of-the-art smart charger.

A charger like the MXS 5.0 TEST & CHARGE will test and charge your batteries, it’s simple, you plug it in, select a charge, and walk away. This charger gives you what you need to take care of all your batteries at home. If you want to take it to the next level and get the most power from your auxiliary batteries when you’re on the road, you could also look at a new smart breed of DC-to-DC charger, like the CTEK D250S Dual charger. A charger like this can draw power from your alternator when you’re driving, or from a solar source when the ignition is off. Using a smart charger will keep your batteries in top condition to give you the power to explore!

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