12V Tech Talk: Use Solar to Jack up Your Power

In Australia using the sun to boost your available power is an easy option to keep your camp lights, shower pump, iPhone and other electronic devices fully-charged, especially if you are off grid.

If you choose to purchase solar panels – you’re one step closer to the ultimate in free camping. But, you need to choose the right equipment because running solar directly into your battery may overheat it or shorten its lifespan.

By using a smart charger in conjunction with your solar panel you’ll get the extra energy you need to keep the lights on. A product like CTEK’s D250S Dual will let you charge your batteries automatically taking power from your alternator when your vehicle is on the road; and from solar when your vehicle is turned off at the campsite.

Most importantly, these ‘connect and forget’ smart chargers are fully automatic and will optimize the power put into your batteries; ensuring you get more life out of them.

Technology is now so advanced that you can couple smart chargers with other products to look after larger batteries in your power system. For instance CTEK’s smartpass allows rapid charging of batteries from 200-800Ah.

The CTEK D250S Dual retails for $433. With so many options available on the market, our experts have put together a video so you can learn how to optimise your power system’s performance using solar, watch it now

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