12V Tech Talk: Know The Limits Of Your Dual Battery Set-up

As experts in designing power systems for 4WD and camper trailer setups, at Bainbridge Technologies we’re often asked how people can get the most power out of their dual battery system.

Using a smart charger is a good start. However, if you are camping at your favourite campsite (and don’t want to move) having a battery monitor is even better. It will provide you with the most advanced information about your battery system, in a way that’s easy to understand and simple to use.

By knowing some critical information about the health of your batteries you can decide whether to stay that extra day without risking flat batteries. A good monitor will show you, at the touch of a button, how much power you have remaining and the energy you’ve consumed. Importantly, it will tell you how much time you can continue to support the current load on your battery system. Having this information at your fingertips means you can control and manage your power use and have the confidence your batteries can handle the load. You can take care of your deep cycle batteries, extend their lifetime and save money. It will also give you peace of mind, knowing that you won’t be left stranded with a flat battery, a fridge that won’t run, or camp lights you can’t power.

Bainbridge Technologies recently released the Victron BMV 702 with a new “fuel gauge” status bar showing remaining power and “power measurement” function instantly calculating watts (voltage times current). You no longer have to manually calculate your power usage. So, it’s easy to assess the load on your system and prevent battery failure. You can choose to see your battery’s state of charge, the percentage of energy consumed and the amount of time you can continue to support the current load. The BMV 702 can also measure the voltage of a second battery. It even allows you to program a visual and audible alarm for its battery voltage and battery charge / discharge display.

The BMV 702 also has some user improvements like a brighter screen, easy to navigate menu and the ability to record historical data about your battery use. To learn more about battery monitors take a look at our educational video at www.baintech.com.au/BMV702 and see how this monitor can help you control your power system.

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