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  • If you want to maximise every inch of space in your 4WD build, then the Baintech 110Ah with 20A in-built DC DC charger is the solution for you. When you are going on a 4WD adventure with a couple of fellow campers onboard, space is a precious commodity. Two 110 Ah lead acid batteries can weigh in at as much as 65kg, the equivalent of one person! Weighing in at 11kg and just 50mm thick, the Baintech Slimline battery will save you weight and space.

  • Weight dispersion seems to be a common factor across all leisure industries. Lithium Marine batteries are a great choice when you are concerned about excess weight in your boat. Let’s dissect this industry and hone in on different sizes and capacities to explain why a light weight Lithium (LiFePO4) Battery or batteries are more efficient than Lead Acid.

  • Bainbridge Technologies launch new radio frequency transmitter and receiver pair that minimises installation times by eliminating harnessing issues through firewalls and other hard to reach installation points

  • The Baintech Tow Mate Remote Trailer Brake Controller operates with a pre-set braking force utilising microprocessor technology. Approved for use with AL-KO ESC, this new generation of brake controllers has been designed for both single and dual axle trailers using negative earth (ground) systems only.

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